Lube Add 3022 4 Stroke Engine Oil Additive

Mapco LubeAdd 3022 is an Additive to meet API SL/SM/ SN specifications in Four Stroke  Engine. It can provide better lubricity along with anti-corrosion properties to increase engine life. Added friction modifier in LubeAdd 3022 provides smooth operation at a lower treatment rate.


API performance API SL, SM, SN,
Viscocity Grades SAE 10W-30
SAE 20W-40
SAE 20W-50
SAE 15W-40
Base oil Coverage Menerial oil Group I and II

Product Quality Characteristics:

TBN, mg KOH/gm 110
Flash Point Min 170
Kinematic Viscosity in cst@ 100oC 50-60