Lube Add 306 4 Stroke Engine Oil Additive

    • Mapco Lube Add 306 Is a dedicated additive package for 4-stroke motorcycle engine oil.
    • Mapco Lube Add 306 Has been designed to meet the APISL/SM/SNspecifications. It has good hightemperature detergency, low-temperature Dispersity anti-oxidation, Antiwear & other properties.
    • Mapco Lube Add 306 Can be formulated in mineral oil group I & II



API performance API SL, SM, SN,
Viscocity Grades SAE 10W-30
SAE 20W-40
SAE 20W-50
SAE 15W-40
Base oil Coverage Menerial oil Group I and II
Product Quality Characteristics:
Zinc Content,% wt 1.67%
TBN, mg KOH/gm 101
Flash Point 170
Kinematic Viscosity in cst@ 100oC 90-100



Package: The product is packed with 200kgs drums and 50kg of carbos
Product Storage / Handling / Transportation / Package:
The storage temperature should not exceed 50oc the loading/unloading and blending temperature
should not exceed 60oc.