Lube Add 503 Hydraulic Oil Additive

Mapco Lube Additive 503 Is premium quality anti-wear additive package on Zink phosphorus chemistry. It offers outstanding corrosion protection good filterability demulsification, very high oxidation stability.

Mapco Lube Additive 503 Is A Retention Of Performance That Extends Fluid And Equipment Life


Performance Level Anti-wear,HLP Grade
Base oil Coverage Menerial oil Group I and II

Product Quality Characteristics:

Appearance Clear Yellow Liquid
Density, gm. /cm3 at 29.5 C 0.958
Kinematic Viscosity, CST @40oC 100
Flash Point 180




Product Storage / Handling / Transportation:
The storage temperature should not exceed 50oc the loading/unloading and blending temperature
should not exceed 60oc.

Packaging: The product is packed with 200kgs drums and 50kg carbos