A Specially modified advanced clay gallant for lubricating grease manufacture

MAPTONE CLAY SL is a superior organically modified advanced gallant and thickener for specialty high-temperature resistant organoclay greases.  It is also an effective thickener for medium to high viscosity index mineral oils and synthetic and organic fluids.




Advantages:                Ease of dispersion

Minimal addition

Wide temperature range application

Worked stability

Resistant to phase separation and melting

High-temperature resistivity


Properties:                 Composition        –        Organophillic Clay derivative

Form                    –        Fine Powder

Colour                  –        Creamy

Particle size          –        < 1mu when fully dispersed

Moisture               –        4% max


Standard Equipment:     High shear forces are required to effectively delaminate the fine

Individual clay platelets for optimizing performance and thickening of

the base oils.  Homogenizers/Colloid mills used as standard grease equipment impart the desired high shear

forces at minimum settings.


Process:                         Grease is readily formed using 6-10% MAPTONE CLAY SL with an appropriate and compatible chemical activator for full                                              delamination dispersion and thickening.

Typical process is:

MAPTONE CLAY SL is gradually added to 1/3-1/2 base oil under

continuous stirring – mix for 10 minutes until dispersed.

Add chemical activator – mix for 40 minutes for full dispersion.

Heat, if desired, to 65 C for 25 minutes.

Blend other additives and balance base oil during cooling.

Colloid mill/Homogenize.

Notes:                            A suitable chemical activator (polar additive) is essential for complete delamination and maximizing the surface area of                                                 MAPTONE CLAY SL for optimizing gelation.  The polar activator and its correct level vary from base oil to base oil and must                                         be standardized for optimum results individually.


Activators recommended and % required based on clay weight are:                                                                                                                                                           Acetone 15-50%                      Propylene Carbonate 7-20%

Excess chemical activator will prove detrimental to the gel structure and stability of the grease.