Lube Add 33150

Lube Add 33150 is a high-quality OCP that can be used as a viscosity index improver additive.
This product offers optimized Thickening Efficiency in low treat rates and an SSI of 28. This
property makes it suitable for applications where a balance between these two properties is

 Optimized shear stability and thickening efficiency
 Improved oxidation stability compared to non OCP
 Good pour point characteristics with proper Point depressant
 Used with a wide range of base oils (Ideally SN150, SN100 & SN130)

Lube Add 33150 is mainly used as a VII additive in various lubricant formulations.

Main Properties Typical Value
Appearance Clear Polymer
Molecular Weight Distribution Narrow
Form Solid Granular
SSI 28

Recommended Dosages:
Lube Add 33150 It dissolved in a wide range of base oil at 7.5% wt to produce a liquid Viscosity
Index Improver.




Product Storage / Handling:
When handling this product a Maximum temperature of 60oC should be observed for storage,
unloading, and blending. However, it is strongly recommended that for long-term storage the
temperature should not exceed 50oC.

Package: 25 Kg Bag